ABS Bezel Update

Just wanted to stop in and give everyone an update.

We are still in the process of restructuring our customer service processes to better serve everyone. We cannot apologize enough for the growing pains during this time period and thank you all sincerely for being patient. Our phone system is still offline. We have update the voicemail to indicate this.

We have approved the ABS samples and the production run has commenced. This is about 2 weeks behind where we hoped to be by this point, however they look fantastic. The samples were sent to us in white ABS and we are refinishing them to get them out to folks who have been waiting ASAP. Here are some images of one of the samples refinished in the burlwood print.



These are much stronger and respond much better to the rigors of installation than the fiberglass units and are definitely an upgrade.

We expect the production run to be finished in the first week or so of July, we have yet to receive a hard completion date. With the 3000 units we have on order we have begun the process of arranging for shipping. We are attempting to find reasonably priced air freight first, but may have to settle on shipping by sea which could present a further delay.

Once they arrive we have enough brackets on hand to immediately fill all of the outstanding orders for flat black kits. Burlwood/Aluminum/Carbon kits will take a couple days to get wrapped and packaged.

Thanks again for your patience.

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